Looking for a Church near Orange?

Explore The Grove, a community-minded Bible-teaching church located just minutes away from Orange, OH, and just down the street from the vibrant Van Aken District. Embrace the opportunities for spiritual growth as we embark on transformative journeys with Jesus. Our vision extends beyond the church walls, aiming to foster True Community in Christ within the nearby Orange and Shaker Heights communities.


What should I expect at the church service?

Join us at the chapel of St. Peter’s Lutheran, situated at 18000 Van Aken Blvd. Upon arrival, follow the marked signage guiding you to the service area and child check-in.

Our worship service, featuring contemporary worship music and Bible teachings that seamlessly connects to real-life needs and communion which we celebrate every week.

 Our children’s church, serving to kids up through 5th grade, provides engaging lessons at their level, complemented by hands-on crafts and music. 

Bible Teaching Church