Looking for a Church near Lyndhurst?

Discover a Bible-focused church near Lyndhurst, OH, just a short drive from the popular Van Aken District. The Grove emphasizes the transformative power of faith in Christ, inviting communities including Lyndhurst and Shaker Heights to unite in True Community with Christ.


What should I expect at the church service?

Wondering what to expect during our church service? The Grove gathers at the St. Peter’s Lutheran chapel at 18000 Van Aken Blvd. Signage guides you to the service area and children’s check-in. Children’s church, serving up to 5th grade, provides engaging lessons and crafts. You’ll also be able to grab a cup of coffee before service and can assist your children with getting a donut before kids check in. Our worship service blends modern music, faithful Bible teaching, and weekly communion.

Bible Teaching Church